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Lighting Software provides design, calculation and analysis tools for you to create optimal lighting solutions in various indoor and outdoor areas. It is an excellent platform to show you the virtual effect of lighting plan. To provide a complete solution for lighting configuration, online catalogue with datasheets, photometric databases, product search and specifications management of luminaires are included.
DIALux for Zenia®

DIALux is a free lighting design software application for calculation and visualization. It determines the energy your light solution requires and supports you in complying with the respective national and international regulations. With DIALux you can create your virtual worlds simply and intuitively.
RELUX for Zenia®

RELUX is engaged in the development, production and distribution of lighting planning and product presentation software, and works with Zenia® to offer users an innovative and high-performance lighting planning tool with open interfaces and simultaneous access to the latest product data.
DIALux evo Plug-in
DIALux 4  
RELUX Suite Plug-in


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